Trucking Companies that Train Drivers

The trucking industry is an exciting career choice and there are many positions to be filled throughout the industry. It may be unclear to some people how they can become a professional truck driver. There are some trucking companies that train drivers as well as some schools that train people how to become professional truck drivers.

What are The Best Trucking Companies that Train Drivers?

Trucking Companies that Train Drivers

PAM Transports provides company-sponsored truck driving school for qualified applicants. Prior experience is not necessary. PAM will train you for a Class A CDL thru the Driver Solutions Network and you’ll get a Class A CDL from a reputable truck driving school. PAM Transport offers a $1,200 sign on bonus and the chance to earn up to $40,000 per year along with a comprehensive benefits package and no upfront tuition costs. In less than a month, you can be on the road to a better career.

PAM chose to use the Driver’s Choice tuition plan to help their students choose their earning potential. With this plan, you will be able to choose how much you will be paid per mile. This determines the amount of tuition you must pay:

– Driver’s Choice Basic- potential to earn $35,000 in the first year, $1,200 sign on bonus and no down payment.

– Driver’s Choice Classic- potential to earn $37,000 in the first year, $1,200 sign on bonus. This option requires a $495 down payment.

– Driver’s Choice Premier- potential to earn $42,000 in the first year, $1,200 sign on bonus. This option requires a $3,995 down payment.

Hogan Transport offers company sponsored CDL training programs for qualified individuals seeking to become professional drivers. They have stringent hiring requirements that require drivers have the professionalism, skill, experience and dedication to client service expected of a Hogan team member. Hogan has been in business for almost one hundred years and they offer excellent home time, a competitive pay package, variety of opportunities, regular pay increases and other extras are just a few of the ways Hogan shows their drivers their appreciation. After two weeks of quality training, you will receive your Class A CDL and then start on the four week finishing course. You will begin receiving a weekly paycheck, tuition reimbursement and begin your career. After you finish the program, you are assigned your own unit and begin on an accelerated pay package where you get a pay increase every three months until you reach one year of service.

Werner Enterprises offers help to qualifying students to obtain their Class A CDL license and on the road training. Once approved to work for Werner, they will set you up in a Werner Enterprises approved driving school in your area. There is a $6,000 limit on tuition reimbursement. There are a few ways that Werner will reimburse you depending on how you paid for your training:

– If you paid cash, check, money order or credit card for your training, Werner will reimburse you $100 per month as long as you are employed with them.

– If you financed your schooling through SLS, Stafford, GSL, or a combination of the three, Werner will reimburse you $100 per month as long as you are employed with them. It is your responsibility to make the loan payment.

– If you financed your training through a lending institution with a scheduled payment of a loan contract, Werner will reimburse the lending institution $100 per month as long as you are employed with them.

Trucking Companies that Train Drivers Are Growing Each Year…

This is only a few of the trucking companies that train drivers. Due to the turn over rate, professional drivers are in high demand. The first thing you must do if you want to become a professional driver is find a company that will pre-qualify you. If they have a program that will train you, they will set up right away.

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