Schneider Trucking School

The Schneider Trucking School — Getting Ahead By Partnering With The Best

Schneider Trucking is among the top three privately owned trucking logistics companies in the US, known for its dependability and excellence in its more than 70 years of operations. Its affiliate Schneider Trucking School is known to produce top truckers that adhere to the company’s core values and promise of excellent service.

Company background

Schneider Trucking was founded in 1938 and has its main headquarters in Green Bay, Wisconsin. The company delivers virtually all types of cargo across the 48 contiguous states. In addition, the company also moves freight to China, Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico, meaning it has a huge impact in the global economy. Schneider’s orange trailers are very recognizable in the US, by all people inside and outside the trucking industry.

The company has around 12,000 trucks in operation, and currently employs 18,000 people in its seventh decade of operations. The company is recognized as one of the pillars in the entire trucking industry. Some of the most noteworthy awards that the company has garnered in the past include the VICS Best Third Party Provider, Top 100 Most Important People in the Transportation Industry, American Business Awards (finalist for Corporate Social Responsibility Program), Inbound Truckload Carrier of the Year, Award for Transportation Excellence, American Carrier of the Year, Shop Supervisor of the Year, and Best Fleets to Drive For, among many other industry awards.

The Schneider Trucking School

The company offers truck driving courses in schools located all over the US. The company says that this is a strategy to produce home-grown and skilled truck drivers that adhere to the company’s standard in service, quality, and safety.

The education and training students get from the school also comes with a lot of incentives not found in other driving schools:

* Graduates of Schneider Trucking School get from one to three weeks of training before they hit the road. They get paid during this training and then move on to mileage payment as soon as they perform on-the-road assignments.

* Those who transfer from other driving schools can recover tuition reimbursements up to $3,500 after completing one month of service. Those eligible for reimbursement must have paid their own tuition at their old school.

Schneider Trucking School

Pride in being associated with a Fortune 500 company

Those who successfully graduate from a Schneider Trucking School can find a position in the company. They can take pride in being part of Schneider Trucking, now a ‘grand old man’ in American trucking history in its close to 75 years of business.

Schneider Trucking provides a wide array of job offers in the trucking business, such as:

* Company drivers — for skilled drivers and successful graduates of the Schneider Trucking School, open for anyone with a passion for traveling and product shipping

* Owners and operators — businessmen may invest in Schneider Trucking and become the owner of a Schneider franchise

* Office careers — the company also offers positions in the office work necessary for supporting and administering its trucking fleet

* Maintenance career — as a trucking company, Schneider needs a lot of mechanics, electricians, and engineers for the maintenance of its vast equipment

* Warehouse career — the company also needs people for permanent work in its various warehouses all over the country

If you aspire to be a professional tractor-trailer driver, Schneider Trucking is one of the best places to work. Its training, combined with its well-known culture of safety, positions prospective drivers for a long and profitable career. Schneider’s large customer base, with more drop and hook opportunities, maximizes the earning potential of drivers. Of course, the first stop in all these great things yet to come is to get to a Schneider Driving School.

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