Prime Trucking

Prime Trucking: At Its Prime At 40 Years

Prime Trucking (officially known as Prime, Inc.) is one of North America’s most successful refrigerated, flatbed, and tanker carriers. Since its founding in 1970, Prime Trucking continues to strive for safe, reliable, and on-time service to its international customer base.


Operations of Prime Trucking


Prime, Inc. operates in the three NAFTA countries. Prime Trucking has a fleet of 3,850 leased and company-owned tractors. Most of the company’s tractors are Freightliner Trucks (Century Class and Cascadia) and Peterbilt 387.

The crown jewel of Prime Trucking is perhaps its Refrigerated Division, which is composed of a fleet of over 5800 remotely monitored temperature controlled trailers. It serves clients with needs in moving fresh produce, fresh cut floral produce, pharmaceuticals, fresh and frozen meats, or other dry and temperature-controlled freight. This service made Prime Trucking the second largest refrigerated carrier in the US.


The flatbed division has more than 950 trailers, which the company says is the most technologically advanced fleet currently operating in the US. Meanwhile, the tanker division uses more than 250 stainless steel 6,800-gallon trailers, complete with stainless fittings and food-grade hoses.


Prime Logistics is another program of the company that offers brokerage partnerships with carriers and individual owner-operators. The partner maintains their own business authority and identity, with the benefit of reduction in paperwork, lower overheads, and an optimized supply chain.


Paid CDL training and driving jobs at Prime Trucking


Approved applicants (who must be at least 21 years old, with valid DL, US resident or Green Card holder, with good references, and with no driving convictions, violations, and suspensions in the last three years) will be scheduled for Prime’s three-day orientation for new hires. The student will spend 4 to 6 months with a driver trainer from the company.


Students get $200 weekly during the first 30 days (which will be deducted from future weekly paychecks in $25 increments), then $600 per week or 12 cents per mile for the remainder of the training (about 3-6 months long) once the Class A CDL is obtained. The training comes at no cost if the student stays for one year.


Additional incentives for drivers include: fuel bonus, safety bonus, on-time delivery bonus, mileage incentives, and other award programs. Prime also offers medical and life insurance coverage for its drivers.


Modern technology at Prime Trucking


Prime’s Qualcomm satellite system benefits shippers by providing continuous communications, from dispatch to delivery. Technology makes it possible for load status to be available during the entire shipping process. Other benefits are better control of shipments, improved inventory control, and cost reductions from enhanced equipment utilization.

Prime Trucking
Technologies in use at Prime include:

  • Trailer Tracs with a refrigeration monitoring system
  • Position tracking to locate tractors in real time
  • Mapping and routing through Rand McNally and PC*MILER takes the guesswork out of route planning
  • Electronic commerce (EDI, fax-based reporting, email invoicing, email and Web-based proof of delivery and bill of lading)

These and other modern technologies enable Prime Trucking to enhance its capabilities and provide innovative solutions to the modern demands and requirements of shippers.

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