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CDL Practice Test – Starting Point For Future Professional Truck Drivers

Driving trucks and buses in a professional capacity may seem like the easiest thing to do, but nothing can be farther from the truth. Commercial driving is a tightly regulated profession. Therefore it is a must for every prospective driver to take a CDL practice test in order to increase one’s chances of passing the actual exam. Of course, only with a CDL can new truck drivers legally drive commercial motor vehicles.

Who needs a CDL practice test?

Anyone who wants to get a commercial driving license needs to pass a written and practical test given by the State or approved testing center. Start with a practice test if you are planning to drive the following:

* any truck (gross weight rating of 26,000 lb or more) used for commercial purposes
* any vehicle that transports hazardous materials that require warning placards under government regulations
* any vehicle that will carry 16 passengers or more

Some states may further require a CDL in order to legally operate buses, limousines, or vans for hire that carries 8-15 passengers (New Jersey); and school buses (New York).

If you already have a CDL, additional testing is required to get endorsements for driving these:

* double or triple trailers
* trucks equipped with air brakes
* trucks that transport hazardous materials
* hauling tankers for liquids or gases
* combination vehicles
* tow trucks

Driving schools also benefit from giving their students a CDL practice test. This will improve the school’s passing rate, which will be good for accreditation purposes.

Requirements in getting a CDL

CDL Practice Test Info

CDL Practice Test Info

It is not mandatory to undergo formal training (i.e. from driving schools) to get a CDL. But all new truckers must pass a WRITTEN TEST on HIGHWAY SAFETY and an exam ABOUT DIFFERENT PARTS OF A TRUCK. These knowledge tests have at least 30 questions, and student drivers must correctly answer at least 80 percent of the questions to pass the exam.

Student drivers also need to pass a DRIVING SKILL TEST that must be taken in the vehicle that they are planning to operate. Specific endorsements (such as for air brakes) require that the driving skill test be conducted in a vehicle with such an equipment.

Coverage of CDL practice test

The practice test, like the actual test, aims to teach potential drivers all the required skills and knowledge needed to properly and safely operate a truck. It includes map reading, route planning, and knowledge on existing Department of Transportation laws.

The skill test evaluates backing, turning, hooking a trailer, and road driving. Training schools also help would-be drivers with advanced techniques such as skid avoidance, recovery, safely transporting liquids and gases (its weight can constantly shift en route, affecting the balance of the vehicle), and how to cope with situations such as hydroplaning and a breakaway trailer.

Where to get a CDL practice test

Examinees can get a variety of free tests online, which simulate the coverage of the actual exam. These tests can all be about general driving knowledge, or it can be a specialized test that covers the questionnaire for a CDL endorsement such as those for air brakes, hazardous materials, etc.

Of course, the best practice tests are those operated by accredited driving schools, which closely approximates the State exams and are regularly updated to reflect any changes in state laws, driving knowledge, and navigation technology.

Practice makes perfect

Increasing one’s chances of successfully obtaining a CDL is the main objective of practice tests. It prepares the student for the actual questions. Those who take a practice test will also be more emotionally prepared for the actual exam, as compared to those who never took a CDL practice test at all.

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